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Zibo Zhenghua Auxiliary Co., Ltd. ("Zhenghua Auxiliary") was established in 1997 with a registered capital of RMB 51.35 million, positioned as a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of organic peroxides.


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Qidu Town, Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province

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Company Profile

Company Profile

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SINCE 1997

Zhenghua Auxiliary---a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of organic peroxides.

Zhenghua Auxiliary

  Zibo Zhenghua Auxiliary Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 with a registered capital of 51.35 million yuan. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of organic peroxides. The organic peroxide series products produced by the company are mainly used as initiators and crosslinkers in polymer polymerization reactions, such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, rubber and other industries. The current annual production capacity is 20,000 tons, and the product market share is over 46%, ranking first in the industry for many years. The company has passed the GB/T 19001-2015/ISO9001: 2008 quality management system, GB/T 24001-2016/ISO4001: 2015 environmental management system, ISO45001: 2018 occupational health and safety management system, GB/T 29490-2013 intellectual property management system Such as authoritative certification.

  The company currently has 342 employees, including 26 senior engineers or above, and more than 50 technicians. Relying on the company, R&D platforms such as academician workstations, post-doctoral scientific research workstations, Shandong Organic Peroxide Engineering Research Center, and Zibo Enterprise Technology Center have been built, with strong technical force. In addition, the company actively develops industry-university-research cooperation and has successively established cooperative relationships with Shandong University, Shandong University of Technology, Hunan University, Sichuan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Qingdao University of Science and Technology and other institutions of higher learning and research institutes, which further enriches the company's R&D capabilities.

  Over the years, the company has filled a number of domestic gaps through continuous research and development of new products and new processes. The company has declared more than 30 national patents and obtained more than 20 authorized patents. In 2015, it passed the certification of Zhongzhi Company and became an intellectual property standard enterprise. , Obtained the GB/T29490-2013 certificate, was rated as the Chinese Patent Shandong Star Enterprise, and made positive contributions to the technological progress of my country's fine chemical industry.

  The company has successively won honors such as "Famous Trademark of Shandong Province", "China Patent Shandong Star Enterprise", "Shandong Famous Brand", "Province Honest and Law-abiding Enterprise", and "Zibo Mayor Quality Award".