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Zibo Zhenghua Auxiliary Co., Ltd. ("Zhenghua Auxiliary") was established in 1997 with a registered capital of RMB 51.35 million, positioned as a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of organic peroxides.


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Creates splendor through loyalty, bears responsibility with filial piety - a memoir in dedication to front line employee of Zhenghua Auxiliaries

A few days ago, a customer of the sales department was visiting the company for inspection. The original plan was to inspect the work place but when the customer used the bathroom, he saw that the bathroom was super clean. So he said to the sales staff: "There is no more need to inspect the production site. We are already convinced that we can cooperate with you, by your management results of the bathroom. Certainly, the management of the company is even better." This anecdote inevitably reminds everyone of fellow employee Wang Fujian, who is in charge of cleaning the bathroom.

Wang Fujian, born in November 1966, is now an ordinary front-line employee of the Infrastructure Department of Zhenghua Auxiliary. Although handicapped, he has won the praise of both the company's leadership and his neighbors with his sense of responsibility and loyalty to work.

For him, dedication and willing hard work is the guide line of life.

At Zhenghua Auxiliary, both company leaders and ordinary employees sang high praises whenever mentioning Wang Fujian. Department director Liu Yongchun told the author: "Wang Fujian is diligent and resilient and never cares about gains and losses at work. He is truly as people often say 'regards the company as home'." He entered the company in 2006 and worked in workshop No.2, the sewage treatment plant and workshop No.6. In March 2011, he was transferred to the Infrastructure Department and took on the responsibilities of construction supervision and bathroom cleaning. Since then, his time schedule is basically the same as that of the construction company. When they came to work early, and left work late, so did he. He cleans the bathroom thoroughly in the early morning every day, and once again when all colleagues have left after work in the afternoon. Therefore, he basically works more than one hour longer than other colleagues. On Saturday and Sunday, when the company's other employees are resting at home, he will also find some time to take a look at the company and clean the bathroom. He almost takes no leave from work through the year. However, he has never complained about this.

When we begin to talk about infrastructure construction, the topic is a familiar one to Wang Fujian. He is able to tell the author the construction time of every plant building. Regarding construction quality, he said: "The construction of the company's plant buildings allows absolute no sloppiness, let alone falsification." "It is out of trust that the leadership gave me this job. And I must not let them down." Infrastructure construction must be performed in strict accordance with the drawings. During construction, an often-seen phenomenon is the emergence of rust trace on the surface of steel reinforcing bars and dust accumulation on prefabricated reinforcing cages. These must be strictly removed by the construction company. Another particular issue is that cement casting and prefabrication must be done continuously in one go. Strict supervision is required for this, to prevent the construction company from doing sloppy work and cutting down material. In such occasions, Wang usually could not went back home until eleven or twelve o'clock in the evening. Even though he went home late, he would still go to work early the next day.

April 20th happened to be the date of roof casting of workshop No.1, after which the building will be complete. When the author saw Wang, he was standing on the roof, which is more than ten meters above ground, for supervision of the on-site work. His figure brings out an involuntary sense of honor and respect for everyone around.

In personal life, he takes pleasure from taking care of his parents and helping the neighbors.

"Love and care for the elderly and children of one's own family and extend the same to all the elderly and children of our community" is his favorite motto. Wang Fujian has a loving family. His wife works for a housekeeping service agency. They have a daughter who is preparing for national examination for admission into public service institutions this year, and a son who is in the fourth grade of junior middle school. He is the eldest brother in his parents' family and has a younger brother and a younger sister. The younger brother died of illness and his wife has been working for a housekeeping service agency. Every day after work, Wang always visits his parents' home first to accompany and chat with them, learn about their health and timely replenish any lack of daily necessities. After that he goes home to cook for the children and do the housework. He always brings the welfare gifts distributed by the company to his parents first and then to home.

Although also tending the three mu of crop field of his family, he is never late for work even in busy season of farming. In busy farming season, he would first help harvesting the crop field of the widowed sister-in-law before harvesting his own field. Even so, he never misses a day of work.

Wang Fujian’s younger brother died of rectal cancer in 2009, leaving two daughters. The younger daughter was born with a disability because of premature delivery and can barely walk at the current age of 14. He often takes time to help the wife of his late younger brother to take care of the little nephew. He often tells his son and daughter to also take care of their cousin when they grow up in his example.

Wang Fujian evaluates himself with the old saying of "honest as a person and earnest in deeds". Since joining the company, he has upheld a high degree of professionalism and selfless dedication, and never complains for any hardship and difficulty in the job. With a highly responsible attitude, and sincere and honest affection to the work, he has truthfully implemented the company ideology of "creating splendor through loyalty and bearing responsibility with filial piety". Wang has truly lived up to the saying of "creating an extraordinary chapter of life by doing an ordinary front-line job". (Text by: Xu Xianqiang)

Creates splendor through loyalty, bears responsibility with filial piety - a memoir in dedication to front line employee of Zhenghua Auxiliaries