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Zibo Zhenghua Auxiliary Co., Ltd. ("Zhenghua Auxiliary") was established in 1997 with a registered capital of RMB 51.35 million, positioned as a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of organic peroxides.


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Qidu Town, Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province

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Creates splendor through loyalty, bears responsibility with filial piety - a memoir in dedication to front line employee of Zhenghua Auxiliaries
A few days ago, a customer of the sales department was visiting the company for inspection. The original plan was to inspect the work place but when the customer used the bathroom, he saw that the bathroom was super clean. So he said to the sales staff: "There is no more need to inspect the production site. We are already convinced that we can cooperate with you, by your management results of the bathroom. Certainly, the management of the company is even better." This anecdote inevitably reminds everyone of fellow employee Wang Fujian, who is in charge of cleaning the bathroom.
Twenty-Four Paragons of Filial Piety
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2019-04-22 11:49
Filial piety Play entertainment Deer milk Baili negative rice Biting pain Lu Yishun Kiss the soup
Company organized activities for learning traditional Chinese culture
In recent years, the company has organized successive activities for learning traditional Chinese culture, by watching films such as the "Standards for Being a Good Student and Child", "Understanding Buddhism - Education on Happiness and Fulfillment", "Wang Fengyi Talks about Life", "Lecture Room (CCTV 10) ", etc. Before each class, one person will be specified to lead the entire class to read aloud the "Standards for Being a Good Student and Child".
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