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Cumyl neodecanoate peroxy(CNP)

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Cumyl neodecanoate peroxy

CAS No.: 26748-47-0     UN CLASS:5.2
Organic peroxide type D; liquid, temperature controlled; 


Recommended application:
The product is mainly used as initiator for polymerization of vinyl chloride, ethylene, vinyl acetate and other olefins. It is usually combined with other peroxides to achieve a wider range of polymerization temperature to improve the reaction efficiency.


Product restricted use: 
Restricted for food industry.


Packing and Storage:
Packed in 20kg PE jerrycan with a safety relief cover.
Store in a cool and ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. The storage temperature should - 15 ℃ ~ -20℃.The relative humidity should not exceed 80%. It should be stored separately from inflammables, organic substances, reducing agents, acids and other prohibited substances, and mixed storage is not allowed.


The expiration date:
When stored under the recommended storage conditions, the CNP will remain within the specifications for a period of at least three months after delivery.


Please refer to Safety Data Sheet for more detailed information. 

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