To develop the enterprise with virtue, to educate people with virtue, to build the characteristic enterprise culture of Zhenghua

2023-07-07 17:45


Zibo Zhenghua Auxiliary Co., Ltd. and related enterprises, in different stages of the company's development process, always adhere to the concept of virtue-based enterprise, virtue-based education, "virtue and integrity, love and gratitude, realistic and innovative" as the business purposes, and strive to create the characteristic corporate culture of Zhenghua with the times.

In view of the slippage of traditional virtues brought about by economic and social development, the company educates employees on traditional virtues through various educational activities, so that the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation are deeply rooted in the hearts of people in Zhenghua, and the corporate culture of Zhenghua has distinctive Zhenghua characteristics.

In recent years, the company has organized all employees to study in depth and systematically the classical works and personalities spreading traditional virtues, such as "Disciple's Rules", "Sage Education Changes Life" and "Wang Fengyi Speaks on Life", so that a strong cultural atmosphere of virtue and trustworthiness, fraternity and gratitude has gradually formed in Zhenghua.

In 2015, the company also took "promoting traditional culture and building filial piety and fraternal duty in Zhenghua" as the center, with the main content of cultivating employees' thoughts of "filial piety and fraternal duty", through the combination of education and assessment, so that employees fully understand and accept Through a combination of education and assessment, the employees will fully understand and accept the connotation of "filial body, filial heart and filial will", and practice and implement it in their work and life. The company requires that each employee should make a "filial plan", which includes: taking time to go to parents' residence to talk with them and do housework on the rest days arranged by the company; giving parents a certain amount of pocket money every month according to their actual situation; taking out a part of the employee benefits issued by the company to pay respect to parents every time; taking the initiative to bear the expenses of parents' farming period if they are still working. If your parents are still farming, take the initiative to undertake the farming work of your parents during the busy period; take your parents to the hospital at least once for a health checkup, etc. In order to make the "filial piety" education activities in 2015 effective, the company also decided to take out part of the funds to reward employees with outstanding performance in the activities, with the highest reward reaching 5,000 yuan.

Since this activity was carried out, all the employees of the company have been actively practicing traditional culture and promoting traditional virtues, which has produced a good impact in the company and the society, and has been praised by people, and the corporate culture of Zhenghua has also been praised and sought after by the society.

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