Traditional culture enters our company and transmits positive energy of national culture

2019-04-22 14:23

(Ben Wang) From April 11 to 12, Mr. Zhang Mingfang, a well-known expert in traditional culture, was invited by the company to hold a two-day traditional culture lecture in the company. General manager Chen Tangjian, deputy general manager Zhai Zhiqiang, Bi Yongkang, Zhu Mingliang and more than 100 cadres and workers of subsidiaries attended the study.

Ms. Zhang Mingfang graduated from Changchun Baiqiu'en Medical University in Jilin Province and worked as a clinical TCM doctor, whose mother was a personal disciple of Mr. Wang Fengyi, the inventor of the traditional culture of sex therapy. Ms. Zhang gave up her job as a TCM practitioner and took up her mother's wish to travel around the country to spread traditional culture in many famous enterprises, schools and institutions, and established the House of Women's Virtues in Weihai.

In this lecture, Ms. Zhang combined her own experience, starting from "filial piety", and explained in depth the importance of traditional Chinese culture to the country, the nation and the individual, and combined traditional culture with modern life, with life and happiness, using easy-to-understand language to bring everyone a feast to cleanse the heart and The lecture was a feast to purify the mind. During the lecture, Mr. Zhang also taught the public from the theoretical level and explained the difficulties in children and youth education and family harmony from the psychological level.

In recent years, the company adheres to the enterprise spirit of "virtue, integrity, love, gratitude, pragmatism and innovation", and gradually establishes the cultural concept of "Renxiao Zhenghua" by continuously carrying out traditional culture education, and has carried out various forms of traditional culture activities within the company. For example, we have recently studied "Disciple's Rules", "Wang Fengyi's Lecture on Life", "The Forum of Hundred Families" and formulated the filial piety plan. The learning of traditional culture has enhanced the cohesiveness and innovation of the company.


Cultural expert Zhang Mingfang made a traditional culture report in Zibo Zhenghua Company


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