Transfer of refrigeration units in use

2023-07-07 17:44

Zibo Zhenghua Auxiliaries Co., Ltd. intends to transfer a total of 8 units (sets) of refrigeration machines in use due to equipment renewal, their models and factory dates and numbers are as follows

Model: 412.5-1; produced in March 2011, factory number: 110336

Model: 412.5-1; produced in March 2011, factory number: 110337

Model: 412.5-1; produced in August 2007, ex works: 071369

Model: 412.5-1;produced in March 2007,ex works No.071372

Model: 8A310;produced in Feb.2005,ex: 050271

Model: 8A310;produced in May 2005,ex: 050805

Model: 8A310;May 2005,Factory:050806

Model: 8A310; May 2005, factory number: 050807

If you need, please call or come to our company to consult and negotiate, single or all can be purchased, the price is negotiable.

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