Mr. Li Shousheng, President of China Petrochemical Federation and his 6 members came to our company for research

2023-07-07 17:47

On March 28, Li Shousheng, President of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, Hu Qianlin, Deputy Secretary General and Director of Science and Technology Department, Xue Xue Tong, Deputy Director of General Office, Liu Guolin, Deputy Director of General Office, He Jing, Deputy Director of Marketing and Information Technology Department, Wang Yimin, Professorial Senior Engineer of Science and Technology Department and his 6-member delegation came to Shandong University of Technology and Zibo Zhenghua Foaming Material Co., Ltd. to investigate the chlorine-free fluorocarbon polyurethane chemical foaming agent project. Zibo Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, Vice Mayor Zhuang Ming, Yang Hongtao, Linzi District Party Committee Secretary, NPC Standing Committee Director Song Zhenbo, District Party Committee Standing Committee, District Mayor Bai Pinghe, District Party Committee Standing Committee, District Party Committee Office Director Luo Jian, Deputy District Mayor Zhang Mingwei, Qi Du Town Party Committee Secretary Tian Jun, Town Mayor Liu Jing accompanied the research. Company Chairman Hou Yongzheng and General Manager of the foaming company Xie Lianzhong accompanied the project. Professor Bi Yusui, the technical leader of the project, reported in detail on the status of the company's project research and development, industrialization development planning and technical key indicators of the project.

President Li Shousheng spoke highly of the project after listening to the technical report and field research, saying that the industrialization of the project not only has great economic, environmental and social benefits, but also has realpolitik significance and provides technical support for China to gain the international discourse in polyurethane industry. We hope that the company will continue to do a good job in research and industrialization in the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, promote more valuable experience to the industry, cultivate more high-end talents, and contribute to the construction of the 13th Five-Year Plan innovation platform of the national petrochemical industry and the development of strategic emerging industries.

It is understood that CFA-A8 as a new substance, overcome the shortcomings of the previous physical blowing agent release ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbon substances and release of greenhouse gases, does not contain chlorofluorine elements, ozone depletion potential (ODP value) is zero, global warming potential (GWP value) is 1, life time climate performance LCCP lowest, is a new green, environmentally friendly, safe chemical blowing agent.

Compared with physical blowing agent HCFC-141b, HFC-245fa, HFC-365mfc, each replacement of the above three physical blowing agents can reduce ozone depleting gas emissions by 191.45, 167.16, 151.26 cubic meters respectively. According to the global annual dosage of 400,000 tons of blowing agent, it can reduce the emission of ozone-destroying gases by 76.58 million, 66.864 million and 60.5 million cubic meters respectively per year.

The polyurethane materials produced by applying this blowing agent have excellent characteristics of high compression strength, low thermal conductivity and dimensional stability. Tested by Jiangsu Polyurethane Product Quality Supervision and Monitoring Station, when the density is 35 -37Kg/m3, the compressive strength is ≥150 KPa; the thermal conductivity w/(m-k) are less than 0.02100.

In addition, a company in the United States has conducted a comparative test on the application of CFA-A8 and the application of the most advanced physical foaming agent production of polyurethane rigid foam. The test data showed that the thermal conductivity of the former is about 20% lower than that of the latter at minus 160°C. In other words, the foam produced by applying CFA-A8 has the best thermal insulation performance in extremely cold conditions. Using this feature, the world's most energy-saving refrigerators and other electrical equipment can be produced, the world's best insulation performance of LNG storage and transportation equipment can be manufactured, and the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly buildings can be built with good fireproof performance.


 Chairman Hou Yongzheng and President Li Shousheng had a cordial exchange in the pilot plant	淄博正华助剂股份有限公司

 Professor Bi Yusui, the technical leader of the project, introduces the technical index and performance of the product in the laboratory	淄博正华助剂股份有限公司

A high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of organic peroxides, it is mainly used as initiators and cross-linking agents in polymer polymerization reactions, such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, rubber and other industries.

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