Zhenghua Group 2020 Annual Commendation Meeting and Year-end Summary Meeting

2021-02-18 16:47

On February 9, all the colleagues of Zhenghua Group gathered together to hold the Group's 2020 Annual Commendation Meeting and Year-end Summary Meeting.

General Manager Chen Tangjian sent his New Year wishes to all colleagues, and also reported on the work of Zhenghua Group in 2020 and made various deployments for the target tasks in 2021.

The year 2020 is an extraordinary year. In the background of the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the macroeconomic downturn, Zhenghua Group, under the strong leadership of the party committees and governments at all levels, with the support of the board of directors as the core of the leadership, and with the unremitting efforts of all employees, reviewed the situation and overcame difficulties to ensure that the company's business indicators have risen steadily, and a number of work has created a new situation.

General manager Chen Tangjian said: "We can be prepared for danger in times of peace. While we see the achievements, we also need to be conscious of our own shortcomings, always be vigilant, keep a vigorous heart, and make great efforts to solve any problems that restrict the development of the company, in order to be invincible in the turbulent market.

The year 2021 is the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan of the country. The national economy will focus on high-quality development and the new development pattern of "domestic and international double cycle". We should have firm confidence, keep pace with the development of the new era, take project construction as the hand, accelerate the implementation of new projects and upgrading projects, and be innovative to create a new situation of enterprise development in 2021.

 Vice General Manager Zhu Mingliang announced the list of winners of "Filial piety and fraternal duty pacesetter", and the company leaders awarded honorary certificates and bonuses to employees such as Zhou Yuzhen, Liu Chengliang, Qi Qinghua, Wang Xinfeng and Wang Fujian who won the honorary title of "Filial piety and fraternal duty pacesetter" in 2020. Zhou Yuzhen, the representative of "Pioneer of Filial Piety and Brotherhood", shared his experience of filial piety and brotherhood in his speech.

Then Vice General Manager Zhai Zhiqiang announced the winners of "Zhenghua Artisan", "Advanced Workshop Director" and "6S Management Benchmark Workshop". The company leaders awarded the honorary title of "Zhenghua Craftsman" to Wang Heizhuan, the honorary title of "Advanced Workshop Director" to Zhu Lixue and Liu Jianjian, and the "6S Management Benchmark Workshop" to the eleven workshops. Honorary certificates and bonuses. Wang Hequan, the "Zhenghua Craftsman", spoke and shared his experience of craftsmanship.

 On the meeting, Chairman Hou Yongzheng said: We will continue to do a good job of learning and practicing the excellent traditional culture, rooting out the virtue of "filial piety and fraternal duty" and cultivating a grateful heart. Continue to optimize the quantitative assessment methods, and always urge employees to put the idea of filial piety and fraternal duty and etiquette culture into practice in their work and life. We will improve the moral quality of our employees, develop themselves, run their families and serve the company well, and realize the common growth of individuals and the company.

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