Zibo Zhenghua Auxiliary Co., Ltd. 6000 tons / year organic peroxide intelligent manufacturing technology reform project environmental impact assessment of the first public participation announcement

2022-01-17 11:02

Zibo Zhenghua Auxiliary Co., Ltd. 6000 tons/year organic peroxide

Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Reform Project Environmental Impact Assessment First Public Participation Announcement


First, the name of the construction project, location, construction content and other basic information

Project name: Zibo Zhenghua Auxiliary Co., Ltd. 6000 tons / year organic peroxide intelligent manufacturing technology reform project

Construction site: Qi Du Town, Linzi District, Zibo City, Fujia Village 

Main construction content: the company's original annual output of 20,000 tons of organic peroxide expansion project 4 # production workshop for upgrading, eliminating the original aging equipment 3000L reaction kettle 4, 3000L washing kettle 2, 3000L blending kettle 2, 3000L deep-freeze kettle 2, 5000L deep-freeze kettle 2, 5000L pouring kettle 2, 500L metering tank 4, 800L metering tank 4, replacing the 800L metering tank, 800L metering tank 4, replaced by 14 production equipment metering tanks with quality requirements, 20 kettles (800L sulfuric acid metering tank 6, 1200L hydrogen peroxide metering tank 6, 800L liquid alkali metering tank 2, 3000L reaction kettle 6, 3000L alkali washing kettle 6, 5000L acid distribution kettle 2, 5000L drying kettle 2, 5000L resting kettle 2, (2 5000L finished kettles), using the original 3 sets of refrigeration machines, installing supporting pipelines and intelligent automatic instruments, using the original water, electricity and steam (gas) utility projects, etc. The original production workshop covers an area of 2 acres, with a construction area of 693 square meters. Products after technical reform: 2000 tons/year of di-tert-butyl peroxide; 2000 tons/year of tert-butyl hydrogen peroxide; 2000 tons/year of tert-amyl hydrogen peroxide.

Second, the construction unit name and contact information

Construction unit: Zibo Zhenghua Auxiliaries Co.

Address: Fujia Village, Qidu Town, Linzi District, Zibo City

Contact person: Director Wang

Tel: 13964438860


Third, the evaluation agency to undertake environmental assessment work

Environmental impact assessment unit: Shandong Hymenon Project Consulting Co.

Address: 21F, Building 2, Lushang Guo'ao City, No. 9777 Jingxie Road, Lixia District, Jinan City

Contact: Mr. Liu

Tel: 0531-81795815 ext. 8302


IV. Network connection of public opinion form

V. Ways and means of submitting the public comment form

In the process of preparing the draft environmental impact report for comments, the public can submit comments related to environmental impact assessment to the construction unit. The electronic version of the public comment form can be sent to the construction unit email, and the paper version of the public comment form can be submitted to the office of the Company's Safety and Environment Department.

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A high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of organic peroxides, it is mainly used as initiators and cross-linking agents in polymer polymerization reactions, such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, rubber and other industries.

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