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The 10,000 tons/day sewage treatment project of Zibo Qidu Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd. is located in the north of Gucheng Village, Qidu Town, Linzi District. The total area of the project is 1.1967 hectares, the total investment of the project is 20.23 million yuan, and the daily sewage treatment 10,000 tons. Since the completion of the project, it has completely solved the problem of domestic sewage treatment for industrial enterprises and residents in the region, improved the local investment environment, and improved the quality of life of local residents.

Qidu Town, where the company is located, is not only a large population town, but also a large industrial and agricultural town. It produces a large amount of domestic sewage and industrial wastewater every day. However, except for some enterprises that have built sewage treatment stations, the town has not yet built sewage treatment plants. Most of the industrial wastewater and all the domestic sewage are directly discharged into the environmental water body without centralized treatment, causing certain pollution to the local ecological environment and affecting the quality of life of the residents. With the rapid development of regional economy and social undertakings, the task of treating domestic sewage and industrial wastewater is extremely arduous. Zibo Qidu Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd. was established under this background.

The overall terrain of Qidu Town is high in the south and low in the north. Relying on the original sewage collection pipe network, industrial wastewater and domestic sewage can be collected and self-flowed to the north of Qidu Town. The project is built at the north end of Qidu Town, making full use of the terrain conditions and The original sewage pipe network saves construction costs and can well solve the problem of local sewage treatment. And there are no mineral resources, cultural relics, and no military facilities around the project construction site, and the conditions for building the factory are suitable.

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