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2023-02-16 16:52

Loyalty creates splendor, filial piety bears responsibility - Remember Zhenghua Auxiliary Line

A few days ago, a customer from the sales department came to the company for inspection. He was going to enter the workshop to see the scene. When the customer walked into the bathroom, he saw that the bathroom was very clean, and then he said to the sales department staff: "Your company even manages the bathroom. So good, your enterprise management will definitely be better, and there is no need to look at the production site anymore. We can rest assured that we can cooperate with you in business." Speaking of this incident, Wang Fujian, who is in charge of cleaning toilets, cannot be ignored.

Wang Fujian, born in November 1966, is now an ordinary front-line employee in Zhenghua Auxiliary Infrastructure Department. Although he is disabled, he has won unanimous praise from company leaders and neighbors with his sense of responsibility and filial piety and friendliness.

Diligence and hard work are the rules of his life

At Zhenghua Auxiliary, when Wang Fujian was mentioned, company leaders and ordinary employees praised him. Liu Yongchun, the head of the department, told the author: "Wang Fujian is diligent and hard-working in his work, and he never cares about gains and losses when he works. He really treats the company like home." He joined the company in 2006 and worked in the second workshop, sewage and sixth workshops successively. In March 2011, he was transferred to the infrastructure department and began to be engaged in infrastructure supervision and responsible for cleaning toilets. In order to do a good job in infrastructure work, his schedule basically follows the time of the construction unit. If the construction unit comes early, he will also come early. If the construction is carried out very late, he will also leave late. Wash the toilets early every day, and after get off work in the afternoon, wait for all the colleagues to leave, then go to clean the toilets and go home. Basically, he works more than an hour more than other colleagues every day. On Saturdays and Sundays, when the company employees are resting at home, he also finds time to come to the company to take a look and clean the toilets. He has almost no rest in a year. In this regard, he has no complaints.

Speaking of infrastructure work, Wang Fujian told the author about the construction time of each workshop in the company like a treasure. Regarding the quality of project construction, he said: "The construction of the company's workshop cannot be sloppy, let alone falsified. The leader arranged me for this job. This is our trust, and we must be responsible for it seriously." Infrastructure must be constructed in strict accordance with the drawings. Rust on the surface of the steel bars that are prone to occur during the construction process and ash on the tied steel cages. Once these phenomena are discovered, the construction unit must strictly remove them. Especially in the stage of cement and prefabricated cement, the project needs to be completed in one go, so we need to track it from start to finish, strictly supervise it, and ensure that the construction unit does not cut corners. At this time, it is normal to go home at 11 or 12 o'clock in the evening. Although I go home late, I still come to the company early to work the next day.

On April 20, it was the day when the No. 1 workshop watered the roof. When the author saw him, he was standing on the roof more than ten meters high, conducting on-site supervision, which made people feel sincere admiration.

It is the joy of his life to support his parents, help his neighbors, and carry responsibility with filial piety

"The old man is the old man, the young man and the young man" is the sentence he understands most deeply. Comrade Wang Fujian has a warm home, his lover is engaged in domestic work, his daughter is preparing to take the career examination this year, and his son is on the fourth day of junior high school. He is the eldest in the family, and there are a younger brother and a younger sister below him. The younger brother died due to illness, and his wife has been working in domestic service for a long time. Every day after get off work, he will first visit his parents and chat with them, so that he can keep abreast of the physical health of the second old man at any time. When he sees that the old man's daily necessities are lacking, he will replenish them in time, and then go home to cook for the children and organize the housework. For the benefits distributed by the company, they are all sent to the parents first, and then taken home.

Although the family planted three acres of land, he did not delay work because of the busy farming. During the busy farming, he would first harvest the crops in his sister-in-law's land, and then busy himself. During this period, he never delayed work because of the busy farming.

Wang Fujian's younger brother died of rectal cancer in 2009, leaving behind two daughters. The youngest daughter was disabled when she was born. Now she is 14 years old and can walk slowly and independently. He often takes time to help his sister-in-law take care of his little niece. He often told the two children that when you grow up, you should also take good care of this sister and set an example for the two children.

Being an honest person and doing things seriously is Comrade Wang Fujian's evaluation of himself. Since he joined the work, with a high sense of professionalism and selfless dedication, he has worked hard and seriously in his own post. With a highly responsible work attitude, sincere and simple work emotion, he has created brilliance with loyalty, and carried responsibility with filial piety. In an ordinary front-line job, he writes his extraordinary life color. (Wen, Xu Xianqiang)

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