Disciple's Rule

2023-02-16 16:56

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Disciple rules, saint training, first filial piety, second faith

Love the public, and be kind, if you have spare power, you will study literature

Enter, then filial piety

Parents call, should not slow down, parents order, do not be lazy

Parents teach, must listen, parents responsibility, must obey

Winter is warm, summer is warm, morning is provincial, and dusk is fixed

When you go out, you will tell, but you will face the opposite.

Although the matter is small, don't do it too well. If you do it too well, you will lose money.

Although things are small, don't hide them privately, hide them privately, and hurt your heart.

Dear, what you like, strength is a tool, dear, what you hate, I will go for it.

Body injury, dear worry, moral injury, dear shame

Dear me, how difficult is filial piety, dear hate me, Xiao Fangxian

Dear, I have, remonstrance, Yiwu color, soft voice

I can't get into the remonstrance, I'm happy to reply, I cry, I have no complaints

Dear, if you have a disease, taste the medicine first, serve day and night, and never leave the bed

Three years of mourning, often mourning, changing places, no wine and meat

Bereavement, sacrifice all sincerity, serve the dead as life

Out, Zeti

Brothers and Daoists, brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters, filial piety in China

The property is light, how can I complain, the words are tolerant, and I am angry

Or eat, or sit and walk, the elderly first, the young after

Long call, that is, call on behalf of others, when people are not there, they will come

Call your elders, don't call your names, don't see your elders

The road is long, the speed is bow, the long is speechless, and the retreat is respectful

Get off the horse, get off the bus, wait for it, more than a hundred steps

The elderly stand, the young do not sit, the elderly sit, fate is to sit

Before the elder, the voice should be low, and it should not be heard, but it is not appropriate

It must be late to advance, and it must be late to retreat. Don't move your eyes when you ask

To the fathers, as to the fathers, as to the brothers, as to the brothers


Wake up early in the morning, sleep late at night, old age is easy, cherish this time

In the morning, I must wash my mouth, I will drown, and I will clean my hands

The crown must be right, the new must be knotted, the socks and shoes must be tight

Place crown clothes, have positioning, do not mess around, causing pollution

Clothes are expensive and clean, not expensive, the upper line is divided, and the lower is called home.

For diet, do not choose suitable food, do not exceed

Young, do not drink, drunk, the most ugly

Step calmly, stand upright, bow deep and round, worship respectfully

Do not practice the threshold, do not lean, do not squat, do not shake the thighs

Open the curtain slowly, do not make a sound, turn wide, do not touch the edges

Holding a virtual device, such as holding a profit, entering the virtual room, such as someone

Don't be busy, be busy with many mistakes, don't be afraid of difficulties, don't neglect

Don't get close to the battle scene, don't ask about evil things

Will get started, ask who is saved, will go to the hall, the voice will rise

When people ask who, I and I are not clear about the name

If you use a character, you must ask for it clearly. If you don't ask, you will steal it.

Borrow characters, return them in time, and if you are in a hurry later, it is not difficult to borrow them.


Whosoever speaks, faith comes first, deceit and falsehood

It's better to talk more than less, but it's not a coincidence

Treacherous words, filthy words, and the market is eager to avoid them

If you see it is not true, don't speak lightly, if you know it, don't spread it lightly

It's not appropriate, don't make promises, make promises, make mistakes

All words, heavy and comfortable, do not rush, do not blur

He says long, this one says short, it's none of your business, don't be idle

Seeing that people are kind, that is, thinking Qi, going far away, in order to gradually

Seeing evil people, that is, introspection, change if there is one, no police

Only moral learning, only talent, not as good as people, should be self-training

If clothes and food are not as good as people, don't be born

I have smelled anger, I have heard praise, I have lost friends to benefit friends

Hearing the reputation and fear, smelling the heart, Naolang Shi, gradually blind date

No guilt, the name is wrong, the name is evil

If the past can be changed, it will return to nothing. If it is covered up, it will increase by one.

Pan Aizhong

All people must love, the sky is the same, and the earth is the same

Those who are high in their names are valued by those who are high, not by their appearance

The talented are arrogant, and what people serve is not big

Don't be selfish, don't despise what others can

Don't flatter the rich, don't be arrogant, don't hate it, don't like the new

People are not idle, do not disturb, people are uneasy, do not disturb

People are short, don't expose them, people are private, don't say

Taoists are good, that is, good, people know it, the more thoughtful they are

Raising people's evil is the worst of the evil disease, and the evil is done

Good advice, all virtues are built, if you pass the rules, you will lose both ways

Where you take and, you know the difference, and you should take more, and you should take less

When you will add people, ask yourself first, if you don't want it, you will be ready immediately.

Kindness wants to report grievances and forget, short grievances, long gratitude

To be treated as a servant, the body is expensive, although it is expensive, it is kind and broad

The power convinces people, but the heart is not. The reason convinces people, and Fang is speechless


The same human beings are uneven, common people, benevolent people hope

Those who are benevolent are fearful, outspoken, and unflattering

Can be kind, infinitely good, German and Japanese progress, less days

Unkind, unlimited harm, villains enter, Pepsi is bad

Yu Li Xuewen

If you don't do it well, but you study literature, you will grow flashy, who will you become?

But practice, do not study literature, be independent of your own opinions, and be ignorant of truth

Reading method, there are three to, heart, eye, mouth, letter

Fang read this, don't admire each other, don't get up

Width is limited, hard work is tight, time is up, sluggish

If you are in doubt, follow the notes, ask people, and seek certainty

The room is clear, the walls are clean, several cases are clean, and the pen and inkstone are correct.

The ink is biased, the heart is disrespectful, and the heart is sick first

List the classics, there is a fixed place, read it, and restore it

Although there is a hurry, the bundles are in order, and if there is a defect, it will be made up.

Non-holy books, blind eyes, hidden wisdom, bad intentions

Don't be violent, don't give up on yourself, saint and virtuous, can be tamed

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