Twenty-four Stories of Filial Piety

2023-02-16 16:58

Filial piety moves the sky

Entertain your family with a play

The milk of the deer serves the relatives

Carrying Rice for 100 Miles

A sorrowful finger

obeying mother with reed clothes

Tasting medicine with my own hands

Picking up foreign tools

Burying my son to serve my mother

Selling my body to bury my father

Carving wood for relatives

leaping from a spring to a carp

Bequeathing oranges to relatives

warming the bed with a pillow

Serving my mother

Weeping at the tomb after hearing thunder

Weeping for bamboo shoots

Crouching on ice for carp

choking a tiger to save my father

Weeping for the blood of mosquitoes

Tasting dung and worrying about it


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