Tert-Butyl peroxyneodecanoate (BNP)

Main decomposition products: tert-butanol, neodecanoic acid, methane, acetone, etc.


Tert-Butyl Peroxyneodecanoate (BNP)

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tert-Butyl peroxyneodecanoate (BNP)


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Trade name: initiator ZH-BNP

English name: Tert-butyl peroxyneodecanoate

Chemical name: tert-butyl peroxyneodecanoate

Molecular formula: C14H28O3

Molecular weight: 244.4

Theoretical active oxygen content: 6.55%

CAS: 13052-09-0

UN No. 3115

IMO/IMDG 5235a Class: 5.2

Road transport (ARD): 5.2 15b

Main decomposition products: tert-butanol, neodecanoic acid, methane, acetone, etc.

Safety indicators:


0.1 hour: 83℃

1 hour: 64℃

10 hours: 46℃

Thermal stability data:

Self-accelerated decomposition temperature (SADT): 15℃

Crisis temperature(Tem): 5℃

Control temperature(Tc): -5℃

Storage temperature (Tsmax/TSmin): -15/-25 ℃

Activation energy E(KJ/mol): 115.47


1. high pressure polyethylene (LDPE) excellent low temperature initiator, mostly used in the tubular process, can be used with the initiator tert-butyl peroxy pivalate, tert-butyl peroxy-2-ethylhexanoate, tert-butyl peroxy benzoate, etc. together to form a composite initiator system, polymerization effect is better.

2. It is a high temperature curing agent for unsaturated polyester. 3.

3. It can be used as initiator for the polymerization of vinyl chloride, styrene or styrene copolymer and initiator for the polymerization of methacrylate and vinyl acetate.

Packaging and transportation:

The standard package of our factory is 20kg polyethylene package. It can also be supplied according to the packing size requested by the customer, which can be requested by the customer when ordering.

Storage precautions:

1, stored in a cool and ventilated space, warehouse temperature does not exceed -15 ℃.

2. Keep away from fire and heat source. It should be stored separately from acids, flammable materials, combustible materials, reducing agents, etc.

3、The lighting and ventilation facilities in the storage room should be explosion-proof, and the switch should be located outdoors.

4、 Handling should be careful and light, to prevent damage to the packaging and containers, prohibit impact and oscillation, and pay attention to personal protection in the sub-assembly and handling operations.

5、Please read our MSDS carefully when storing, transporting and using this product.

Product expiration date:

In the case of storage and transportation in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, the quality of the product can be guaranteed within three months.

Fire protection: 1:

1, the product may be violently decomposed by heat, will be violent fire, a small amount of product fire should be quickly extinguished with foam or dry powder fire extinguisher.

2, large fire should be quickly evacuated to a safe distance away and put out with a water gun, notify the fire department to deal with.

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